The Bristol Pop-Up Shop

Initially set up by the Bristol Etsy Team in 2018, the Bristol Pop-Up Shop is now led by a dedicated collective of small business owners based in Bristol.

Our mission is to connect and support Bristol’s creative business community, with a Pop-Up retail outlet that feeds the local economy.

We first opened the doors in 2018 to our Winter Pop-Up Shop, in The Galleries Shopping Centre in Bristol. We brought together a show-stopping selection of high quality products, all locally designed and made by some of Bristol’s best small creative businesses. 

We've returned each year in the run up to Christmas, introducing new Bristol designers and makers to support as many local businesses as we can. We aim to keep the shop exciting and fresh for returning and new customers to the Pop-Up Shop.

To find out a little bit more about the beginnings of the Bristol Pop-Up Shop, you can read our blog post here.   

The Bristol Pop-Up Shop, with festive window displays and full shelves, inside The Galleries Shopping Centre, Bristol


A table full of handmade ceramic trinkets and sculptures in The Bristol Pop-Up Shop

Meet The Team 

The Bristol Pop-Up Shop began with 10 of us behind the scenes. We all run our own very different creative businesses in Bristol, so the shop was made possible by the full team effort coming together. Over the last few years some of us have dipped out and some have joined in again, with business commitments, babies and all sorts to contend with!

Bristol Pop-Up Shop opening night 2022

This photo was snapped on opening night November 2022, and you can scroll down to view the Team Profiles below.   


Jodie; Founder of Sunshine For Breakfast


Sunshine for Breakfast
& Small business consulting


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Sunshine for Breakfast is on a mission to brighten anyone's day with nature inspired illustrations and positive words. You'll find colourful and calming greeting cards, prints, stationery and gifts.

Jodie also offers consulting and support packages to small businesses, using her skills & expertise gained over the last 12 years. Jodie specialises in strategy, streamlining processes and reaching ultimate productivity. 


Sophie Petherick; Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager


Sophie Petherick
Virtual Assistant & Social Media Manager

A self confessed knitting addict, social media manager and VA to creative types.

Sophie has taken her 7 years experience running her own small business and now applies it to helping others run their own as a virtual assistant. 

She also specialises in using Instagram for Business and helps take the stress of social media management away from product based businesses leaving them with more time and headspace to focus on other elements of business which needs their attention the most. 


Rhea of Moon Fire Clay


Moon Fire Clay

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Fascinated with the possibilities and unpredictability of smoke firing, Rhea creates one of a kind pieces that gain their markings from botanicals that are fired alongside the clay.

Inspired by nature and the beautiful array of plants growing around her in Bristol, all of the botanicals used in the firings are foraged or home grown, meaning that the firings are in tune with the seasons and vary throughout the year. 

Needless to say no two pieces are ever the same, and the practice and ritual are as integral to the work as the clay itself. 



Kate Blandford

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Contemporary Cross Stitch for Modern Makers.

Kate specialises in cross stitch kits for the radical crafter, all designed in house with a good sprinkling of pastels, bold typography and sometimes (but usually) an alternative twist.

Cos everyone knows metal + cross stitching = awesome.




Corinne Evans Jewellery

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Corinne creates recycled sterling silver, copper and brass jewellery inspired by nature.

Each item is lovingly handcrafted in her South Bristol workshop using traditional silversmithing techniques.

Corinne grew up in rural Wales, which continues to be a source of inspiration for her work. She moved to Bristol in 2010, after obtaining a BaHons in Metalwork and Jewellery Design from Sheffield Hallam University.




Hello Cleo UK

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Sabina is the designer and seamstress behind the seams of Hello Cleo. She’s a sucker for bold prints and bright colours and firmly believes that sustainably-made clothes don’t have to be boring.

Growing up in Sweden, Sabina began sewing at a young age and loved re-working second hand clothing as a teen. After studying fashion design at college, she's worked as a sample seamstress for an independent fashion brand, in bridal studios and tailoring too.

Wanting to develop her own designs for fun, everyday clothing she started Hello Cleo in 2016. The clothes and accessories that she sews in her home studio are made to stand out in your wardrobe!





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Warmlii is reviving the Swiss tradition of using cherry stones for therapeutic purposes by making eco-friendly thermal pillows that can be used hot or cold to alleviate aches and pains.

Bee started Warmlii in 2016 after realising that very few people in England knew about the incredible benefits of cherry stones. Having grown up in Germany, where they are a common thing, she decided it's time they find their way into more homes over here and replace those smelly old wheat bags!

All pillows are handmade in Bee's cosy home studio, sharing the warmth, comfort and healing, one pillow at a time.



Fiona Clabon Illustration

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Fiona creates colourful handmade paper collages, designed in Bristol and printed as a small range of products in the UK. Her cheerful products are designed to add a little joy to the home and to share as beautiful Cards and gifts with loved ones.

All of Fiona’s designs begin life in her cosy Bristol studio. Her designs are bold and bright, all with a combination of crisp clean collage, vibrant and varying textures and hand rendered text.


Rae Flay, small business owner of Yay Rae Flay


Yay Rae Flay

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Rae creates a world of whimsy in the form of laser cut jewellery. With a passion for artistry and a playful spirit, Rae crafts sheets of acrylic into miniature works of wearable art. Each piece reflects a dedication to quality and originality, combining vibrant shapes and eye-catching colours with a touch of millennial nostalgia. Yay Rae Flay jewellery is designed to empower individuals to express their unique fashion style and creative personality.

Rae is also a Teacher of Design & Technology in secondary education, specialising in Textiles and Product Design.