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No waste needle minder

No waste needle minder

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Have you ever put a piece of work down for 5 minutes and when you’ve come back to it your needle is missing? Then a week later it finds itself in your foot because it has been hiding in your long pile rug just waiting to stab you?

I hear ya. You need a needle minder.

Needle minders are awesome at looking after that pesky needle and ensures you have no minor accidents when stitching up a storm.

Each needle minder is made from offcuts of plywood left over from the making of the hoop butts and is available in 3 different designs - lightning bolt, star or heart.

The magnets are neodymium and although they may be small they are VERY strong. Keep away from little hands, pets, electronics (this includes sensitive medical devices such as pacemakers). Due to their size they also present as a choking hazard and best kept away from children. Also, please do not eat them.

Neodymium is super strong but they are also fragile and can shatter if dropped or slammed together. Rather than trying to pull the magnets to separate them, I recommend sliding the two parts of the needle minder to detach.

The wooden shape bit sits on the front of your work, whilst the magnet sticks to the reverse side, holding the minder in place. Pop you needle on top of the wood and there you have it - a safe home for your needle when not in use.

Each needle minder is sent on a recycled backing card and is packaged in paper and sent in a board envelope or kraft box. All packaging is 100% recyclable.