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Moon Ritual Kit
Moon Ritual Kit
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Moon Ritual Kit

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Bohobo Aromatherapies Moon Ritual Kit

New and Full Moons give us a great opportunity to honour ourselves and reconnect with each other, nature and the moon. Each New Moon, we set an intention for the coming cycle, and at each Full Moon, we surrender to the universe.

We start our ritual by lighting our Moon Candle and adding our Moon Bath to a warm tub of water and letting the water imbue out skin with love and nourishment (add your Moonstone to the bath for extra deliciousness).

Make your mask into a paste with a little water and paint it on. When you feel it, wash the mask off, get out of the bath and dress in something soft and comfortable.

Sip warm water or tea. Sit easily and apply the moon blend to your palms, rub together and inhale deeply or anoint your wrists and plexus.

We are going to get really still, truthful and deeply meditated, follow non-linear thinking and...

On a New Moon - set a really really big intention. We are setting this intention fully and abundantly with ourselves and the Moon as an agreement to activate the energy required to manifest. The intention is not a wish but rather an energetic arrow. We write our intention on a little paper and keep it (great to be surrendered at the next Full Moon).

On a Full Moon - We will release fears, habits or ideas which no longer serve us, activating possibilities for powerful healing and helping us to understand where we need to shift our energy. We can write what we want to let go of on a little paper and burn it.

Moon Ritual Kit is filled with -
Moon Bath - magnesium flakes and organic rose petals
Moon Mask - pink clay and organic coconut milk
Moon Candle - coconut wax with lavender, peppermint and thyme candle
Moon Blend - basil and peppermint in a coconut oil base

Let's raise our vibration and shine. Be the light.