Gluten and Refined Sugar Free Ketonut | PecanButter+

Gluten and Refined Sugar Free Ketonut | PecanButter+

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Introducing our most ketogenic doughnut yet - PecanButter+.

Wonder what the + means? Well, along with our incredible, high-quality organic ingredients, we have infused organic MCT oil in this flavour. Meaning more fuel for your flavour!

Not forgetting this taste like it’s straight out of a Canadian forest - sweet creamy notes from the double pecan topping, pairing with our signature coconut and almond base. YUM!

And ofc, zero refined sugar used in this recipe, always.


Nutritional Info (per KETOnut): 293 Kcal, 27.3g fat, 8g protein, 3.1g carbs (1.4g of which sugars)

Ingredients: Almond Flour, Eggs, Erythritol, Almond Milk (Water*, Almonds 6%, Salt*), Pecans, Coconut Oil, Vanilla Extract (water*, alcohol, vanilla pods), Cream of Tartar*, Bicarbonate Soda*, MCT oil, Cinnamon, Salt*

Underlined = Allergen. *=Non-organic ingredient

This product is a Soil Association certified organic product