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Giraffes Linocut Print

Giraffes Linocut Print

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Title: ‘Giraffes’

Original handmade linocut print signed by the artist Christopher Hill.

Hand printed using black ink on 250 gsm printmaking paper.

Open Edition.

Paper size: Approx. 148mm x 210mm (A5), (Approx. 5.9” x 8.2”).

Paper orientation: Landscape.

Artist retains all reproduction rights. 

Sale does not not reflect transfer of copyright.

Due to the nature of the hand printing process each print is individual and therefore will not be exactly the same as others.

Giraffes are the tallest land mammals and their stature allows them to reach leaves and buds that would be out of reach for other animals. Their height also allows them to have a view to lookout for threats or predators. Giraffes spotted patterns are unique and will not be the same as any other giraffe.


The design was hand drawn onto the lino.

Areas that were not to be printed were cut away using carving tools.

Ink was applied to the raised areas using a roller.

Printing paper was placed on top of the lino and pressure was applied to the back of the print using a baren. 

This technique transfers the ink to the paper.

The paper is then removed to reveal the image left from the transfer process.

The print is then left to dry.

This print is sold unframed and will be sent with backing cardboard in biodegradable cellophane for protection.